Unwind At Your Independent Living Home With These Recreational Opportunities

One of the nice things about moving into independent living is that because things such as cooking and cleaning are now off your to-do list, you'll have more time for recreational opportunities. In addition to making new friends and taking part in group outings together, you'll also get the chance to enjoy a variety of on-site activities. Many independent living homes place an emphasis on recreation, which means that there will be several different spaces that are designed to accommodate fun activities. Here are some opportunities that you may get to enjoy.


Some independent living homes have billiards rooms, which will give you the chance to play pool, snooker, and other similar games. Whether you played when you were younger or you've never picked up a cue, you'll enjoy bonding with other residents over these games. You may even encounter semi-structured leagues, in which you can form teams and play other teams made up of residents around a set schedule. Or, you can simply reserve a table when your family members come to visit and enjoy playing a few games with them.

Theater Room

Although you'll likely have a TV in your private room and there may also be a TV in some of the sitting rooms, many independent living homes also have a dedicated theater room. Equipped with a projection TV and a good sound system, this room will offer a variety of movies. Generally, there will be a schedule posted outside the room, so you'll be able to check out the titles that will be playing and decide when you want to make your way over to the theater room. Whether it's the latest Hollywood blockbusters that you can watch to discuss with your grandchildren or black and white motion pictures that you enjoyed as a young adult, the movie theater will serve as an enticing recreational opportunity.

Choir Group

If you enjoy singing — even if you're never done so in front of a crowd — there may be an opportunity to pursue this recreational activity when you move into independent living. Many homes have choral groups, which will give you a chance to join some other like-minded residents to sing. You'll not only get to sign for people at the independent living home, but you may also go out into the community at different times of the year to share your talents with others. For example, you might visit a mall or community area to sing around Christmas. For more information, talk to a company like Good Shepherd Health Center.