Looking To Spread Christmas Cheer? Questions About The Holidays To Ask An Assisted Living Community

If this is your loved one's first holiday season living in a new assisted living community, both you and your loved one may have many questions related to the facility and the holidays. Some people are not sure if they can decorate for their loved one, what gifts to bring their loved one, what treats their loved one can indulge in or if visitation hours are extended. Before you begin to shop, bake or decorate for a loved one in an assisted living community, here are a few questions that you will want to ask the facility first:

What Types of Decorations Are Allowed? 

If your loved one loves Christmas trees or holiday lights, you may be looking to decorate their room. But not every facility allows certain decorations in the room. Due to electrical hazards or tripping hazards, trees or lights may not be allowed. Always ask what types of decorations are allowed and be sure you follow the rules. If large decorations are not allowed in the room, consider asking if you can donate decorations for or help to decorate common living spaces, such as the dining area, where these decorations may be allowed. 

Does My Loved One Have Any Dietary Restrictions? 

During the holiday season, you may want to bring your loved one some of their favorite cookies or candies. But since you are not caring for them, you may not know whether their dietary restrictions have changed. Before you bring any food for your loved one, ask one of their caretakers if they have any restrictions and be sure the foods you bring meet these restrictions. 

Is There Anything That My Loved One Needs or Could Use?

Another question that you may want to ask the person who cares for your loved one is whether there is anything that your loved one needs or could use. You will likely be shopping for the perfect gift for your loved one. But since you are not around all the time, you may not realize that their robe is wearing thin, that their pajamas are getting too loose or tight or that their slippers are worn. But their caretaker likely notices. They can help provide you with holiday shopping tips, ensuring your loved one gets something useful. 

Are Visiting Hours Extended During the Holiday Season?

The last question to ask is whether the facility extends visiting hours during the holiday season. Many facilities will have longer hours during the holiday season to make it easier for you to see your loved one during this hectic time of year. Always ask what the hours are so you know when you can pay your loved one a visit. 

Assisted living communities handle the holidays differently. Asking these questions will ensure that your loved one is able to celebrate the holidays without breaking any rules.