Mobility Aids And Professional Care To Maintain Your Loved One’s Quality Of Life

The loss of mobility may gradually reduce the quality of your grandmother's life and result in her feeling isolated and afraid. Even if you are somewhat skeptical about moving your loved one out of her home and into an assisted living community, do your loved one and yourself a favor by learning how mobility aids and professional care can help your grandmother maintain her lifestyle and provide her with a sense of well-being.

Learn More About Mobility Aids

If your family member does not currently rely upon mobility aids, there may be times where she is bedridden or hesitant about moving about her home on her own. Motorized scooters, wheelchairs, handicap railings, portable ramps, and canes are popular mobility aids that can be obtained through a medical supplier.

These aids are often used inside of an assisted living facility and if your grandmother decides to move into this type of place, she may be furnished with various aids so that out-of-pocket costs are not encountered.

Your loved one can, however, rent or purchase mobility aids if she would prefer to, and her medical insurance may even cover the costs associated with the aids. Tell your family member about your concerns for her safety and vocalize that you would like to obtain one or more aids for her.

Use A Visit To Inform And Entice Your Grandmother

If you are waiting for the right time to mention an assisted living facility and the reasoning behind wanting to learn what services are offered, telling your loved one that you would like to see what activities are offered in an assisted living community or stating that you think your loved one may meet some like-minded people by visiting a facilty may be helpful.

Don't be pushy about visiting an assisted living community, however, because this may cause your grandmother to withdraw from you. If your loved one is open to visiting a facility, then take her along with you. If not, however then plan on visiting the facility on your own and obtain information about the services, schedules, entertainment, and social activities that are provided at the establishment.

Speaking to a senior care representative of the community may greatly reduce your apprehensions about moving your loved one to such a place, and the information that you attain may entice your grandmother to move into a unit at the facility. Try to be encouraging, but not forceful, so that your loved one has the final say and is certain that she has made this important decision on her own.