When Is Memory Loss Potentially Dangerous To Your Loved One’s Health?

You know that your aging loved ones will begin to lose some of their memory, entirely related to age. You know that the brain, like all muscles, will begin to atrophy at some point and will slowly lose its ability to recall things quickly and may even start to lose the ability to recall certain events or actions at all. Since memory loss to some degree is a normal part of aging, how do you know when too much is potentially dangerous to your loved one's health?

Luckily, there are tools that you can use to help your aging loved one, be it a family member or close friend, age well and retain some of their memory for a healthier life. A memory care facility, often associated with assisted living care facilities, can work with a person who has memory loss to help restore some brain function related to memory and help a person lead a more fulfilling life.

Here are signs memory loss should be addressed with someone you love. Yes, memory loss can be dangerous, and it's important to know when it's time to step in and speak to their doctor about their condition and get them referred to a specialist or memory care facility that can help them.

When daily hygiene is no longer followed

When your loved one starts to miss out on regular hygiene, such as cleaning themselves after going to the bathroom or even failing to use the restroom entirely, then you need to step in. Hygiene is a major part of a person's overall health, and if a person is not caring for their skin, teeth, hair, and overall cleanliness, they can get sick quickly or even go on a severe mental decline. Step in and help your loved one out by calling an assisted living facility to help them get the care they need.

When they begin to wander aimlessly and get lost

It can be terrifying to lose a loved one randomly when they wander outside their home and get lost. Or, if your loved one were to get in the car and drive and forget either how to manage the car or where they are going, then you are facing a potentially serious condition, You should always escort your aging loved one where they wish to go if their memory is starting to go and you should speak to an assisted living care specialist if their ability to recall events and situations begins a rapid decline.