What Can Memory Care Do For Your Loved One?

What is memory care? How is this care performed? Why is memory care important? What can memory care do for your loved one? These are all questions you can ask your loved one's doctor as you explore their best options for care.

Learn what memory care is and how it's beneficial in this guide here. This way, you can get the best help for their many needs and allow your loved one to feel confident in their mental health and overall well-being.

What is memory care?

Essentially, memory care is a specified type of care geared towards helping people with dementia, age-related memory loss, and other mental conditions to get the care they need to live healthily and safely as they age. Memory care is more detailed one-on-one care, often creating a 24-hour supervised environment designed for your loved one to live comfortably even if they are not mentally and physically able to live on their own.

How is memory care performed?

Memory care is provided by a specially trained professional, either in the setting of an assisted living community, nursing home, or in-home facility. The type of care your loved one needs is determined by how much dementia or memory loss they have and their other current health concerns. Memory care is usually done constantly, allowing your loved one to have access to professional care from the moment they wake to when they go to bed so their well-being is always supervised.

Why is memory care important?

When you have a loved one who is slowly losing touch of reality and their environment due to memory loss, they can feel scared, overwhelmed, confused, and even depressed. Having memory care done as part of your loved one's care allows this person in your life to feel safe, comforted, and cared for in the best of ways. Without memory care, your loved one can continue to decline and lose even more memory more rapidly than they might if they have professional intervention.

What can memory care do for your loved one?

Memory care can make your loved one feel more confident and allow them to lead a better quality of life. A memory care specialist can help your loved one with their favorite hobbies, their housework, basic hygiene, or even just their day-to-day living and will give them the support they need to live life comfortably. 

Contact a professional to learn more about memory care options.