The Personal Services Your Loved One Canreceive In An Assisted Living Facility

When you and a parent are discussing him or her moving to an assisted living facility, you need to be honest and discuss what type of personal services will be required. These facilities provide a safe place for the elderly or disable to live without being too intrusive and confining. However, it is up to you and the resident to let them know what help is needed. As you talk about things, here are a few subjects you do not want to miss.

Medical Help

Medical help can be simple things like reminders to take medications or it can involve more hands-on procedures such as changing a catheter or providing wound care. Your parent may decide that he or she is capable of handling his or her own medical care, but in case of an emergency it is important that your parent, you, and the facility know all medications that are being taken and any routine medical procedures or treatments.

Ambulatory Help

While your parent may be able to get around on his or her own or with the aid of a cane or walker, there may be other times when help is required. This could be as simple as someone standing outside the shower to ensure your loved one does not slip, helping him or her into and out of a tub, or assistance getting in and out of bed. Decide what type and when help is needed and provide the facility with the information and a schedule. This will ensure that your parent will not have to wait around for the needed aid.

Personal Care

Part of the reason you are discussing the movement to an assisted living facility is for help with personal care. Perhaps your parent needs help getting dressed, or bathing safely. Personal care can also include help with cleaning or cooking. Have your loved one go through a typical day at home and describe what activities are difficult. These are the things the facility should take care of for you.

Assisted living is just that, help with getting through daily chores. Someone will be there when your parent needs the help so you do not have to worry about things. In addition to help and assistance, your parent will be living in a setting with people of the same age. There will be group activities, social events, and even transportation for shopping and outings. It is a good option once your loved one needs a bit of extra help but still wants a private life.Contact a service, like Wellspring Meadows Assisted Living, for more help.