4 Ways To Help Your Moved One Transition Into Assisted Living

If you have a loved one who is moving into assisted living, it is important to keep in mind that this will be a big transition for them. Going from living in one's own apartment or house and moving into a facility where you are surrounded by other people your age as well as lots of assistants can be a really big transition. An entirely different environment can take some adjusting to, and you can help your loved one make this adjustment as smoothly as possible.

#1 Make the Space Feel Like Home

One of the best ways so to ease the transition is to make the space feel as home-like as possible. Leaving all one's possession's behind, that you are familiar with, can be a big transition. Try to incorporate as many elements from home as possible.

For example, if you are allowed to switch out the drapes, put up the curtains from home. Set-up their bed with their favorite sheets and blankets from their house. See what type of furniture you can bring from their home. Having a few pieces of furniture can help make the space feel more like home.

You can also make the space feel more like home by making sure that they still have access to their hobbies and interests. For example, if your loved one liked to draw, make sure they have drawing supplies. If they like to read the paper every morning, make sure they have one delivered to them every day. If they like doing sudoku, make sure they have some books. Being able to engage in the daily activities they enjoy in a space that feels home-like will help ease their transition.

#2 Be There to Help

Don't just hire professional to help with the move, make sure that you are there as well. Provide your loved one with transportation to the nursing home and be there to talk to them and support them through the actual moving process. Help them settle in and make sure that everything is set up comfortably.

#3 Help Them Stay Connected

Help your loved one stay connected to the family. Although there may be a landline in their room, you can still help connect them with the digital age. Get your loved one a phone, tablet, or computer. Take the time to teach them how to use it. This can help your loved one not only feel connected to their family and friends but also connected to the larger world.

Teach them how to video chat with family and put everyone's contact information into their device. Show them how to send emails and text messages. This can help them feel more connected to their loved ones.

#4 Visit & Engage

Finally, visit during meal times and when activities are taking place. That way, you can get an idea on the type of food and engagement your loved one is being provided with. Visiting during meals and activity time can also allow you to meet other residents and may help your loved one make connections with potential new friends and acquaintances.

For more information, contact your local assisted living services and set up a tour today.