4 Questions To Ask When Checking Out Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities allow older adults to maintain a high quality of life that they may be unable to achieve on their own. Assisted living facilities are not the same as nursing homes, although they share some similarities. Senior living centers are designed to help elderly people get the care they need while maintaining their independence. These are some questions you can ask yourself to find the right assisted living facility for your needs:

1. What kind of help do you need?

Assisted living facilities provide various levels of care to residents. In general, residents can expect light housekeeping and meal services. Staff members at assisted living facilities can also remind residents to take their medication, in addition to providing regular wellness checks. Seniors who need a higher level of care, such as daily nursing assistants, physical therapy, or memory care, may be better served at a nursing home or memory care facility. Senior living centers are ideal for people who can perform many tasks of daily living but require some help with errands and chores.

2. What type of lifestyle do you prefer?

When considering moving into an assisted living facility, you should think about the type of lifestyle you prefer. If you enjoy keeping to yourself, you may want to find an assisted living facility with a quiet and private atmosphere. If you enjoy spending lots of time with others in lively, communal environments, you can find assisted living facilities that place emphasis on community activities.

3. What kind of unit would you like to live in?

People who live in assisted living facilities share common areas, but they also have private units to return to. The type of unit you prefer will guide your choice of facility. Some assisted living facilities offer spacious units that are essentially apartments. Residents can use the kitchens in their apartments and decorate their spaces how they see fit. If you're on a budget or don't need much space, you can choose an assisted living facility with smaller units. These facilities may be set up more like dormitories, with shared bathroom facilities and private rooms.

4. Do you like the assisted living facilities you've visited?

Finally, you should take the time to visit any assisted living facilities that you're interested in. Seeing a facility in person can give you a feel for its community, layout, and decor. Take note of any facilities you especially enjoy so you can move them to the top of your list.

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