3 Advantages Of Assisted Living Facilities

For seniors who are looking to transition out of their current residence and into one that is more accommodating, there are a few options from which to choose. Nursing homes are one of the most popular, but for seniors who don't a great deal of medical care on a daily basis, these are usually far from a good fit. For those seniors who are looking for some degree of personal care but want to remain independent, assisted living facilities offer a fantastic alternative. Keep reading below for just a few of the biggest reasons why. 

Prioritizing Community

Most people fail to realize just how important community is for mental health and overall well-being, especially as a person ages. Isolation for long periods of time may feel natural for those who live far away from family and friends, but in fact, it can lead to a number of issues that range from depression to an increased risk of dementia. Fortunately, assisted living facilities offer constant chances for socializing — classes, clubs, and organizations are common — so people can foster relationships that bring joy to their daily lives.

Offering Accessible Transportation

Many seniors become increasingly frustrated in their twilight years with the limited access they have to things that were once routine. They may not be able to drive to their favorite store on their own, for example, or go to weekly city hall meetings they are used to attending. Because of these limitations, assisted living centers make it a priority to improve access in several key ways, including offering transportation to supermarkets, outdoor spots, voting booths, and doctor's offices. As such, assisted living promotes a better quality of life for all active seniors.

Ensuring a Nutritious Diet

Even seniors who were healthy and physically active in their younger years may find that they have slipped into a habit of regularly eating unhealthy meals. These may include overly processed foods and frozen dinners that are quick and easy to prepare. While it is understandable that seniors appreciate the convenience that these options offer, there is no substitute for a nutritious diet composed of whole foods. Senior assisted living centers take this into account when planning the meals and snacks they serve, and the majority of assisted living facilities also include kitchens in units for seniors who are able and wish to cook independently — all of which means that a good diet doesn't need to be compromised.

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