Long Distance Love And Care: 8 Ways To Ensure The Health And Well-Being Of Your Elderly Mom Or Dad Living Far Away

If your elderly parent is living far away from you and having problems with day-to-day living, you're likely constantly worried. While hiring an in-home care service to look after them is likely your best choice, how do you manage matters from such a distance? You don't want to live in constant worry, but you can't be there yourself to make sure they're okay, and that's a dilemma shared by many others. Read More 

Heading Into Your Golden Years? Why You Should Live In An Assisted Living Facility

If you're retired and entering your golden years, one of the most important decisions you'll make involves where you will reside. You might currently be living in your own home and think that you want to stay there. However, you might find that it's more beneficial for you to move to an assisted living facility. Use this information to learn more about why you should consider relocating to an assisted living center as soon as possible. Read More 

Some Things You Need To Know About In Home Care

If you have a loved one who is aging you might be wondering if it is time to get them additional help with in home care. Unfortunately, as the person ages it will only be a matter a time before they need additional assistance. You can either do an assisted living facility, or you can have someone come into their house to help them. Here are some things you should know about in home care. Read More 

Caregiving Decisions: 3 Signs That It’s Time To Find A Long-Term Solution To Your Aging Parent’s Care Needs

As a family caregiver, your parent's health and safety is your highest priority. Unfortunately, there usually comes a time when a single caregiver can no longer meet all of the needs of an aging or ill adult. However, this sometimes happen so slowly that it may leave you wondering if a long-term solution for your parent's care is the right decision. As you reassess the current care plan, look for these signs that let you know that it is time to provide your parent with extra support. Read More 

The Personal Services Your Loved One Canreceive In An Assisted Living Facility

When you and a parent are discussing him or her moving to an assisted living facility, you need to be honest and discuss what type of personal services will be required. These facilities provide a safe place for the elderly or disable to live without being too intrusive and confining. However, it is up to you and the resident to let them know what help is needed. As you talk about things, here are a few subjects you do not want to miss. Read More