4 Questions To Ask When Checking Out Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities allow older adults to maintain a high quality of life that they may be unable to achieve on their own. Assisted living facilities are not the same as nursing homes, although they share some similarities. Senior living centers are designed to help elderly people get the care they need while maintaining their independence. These are some questions you can ask yourself to find the right assisted living facility for your needs: Read More 

Helping A Loved One Find An Assisted Living Placement? 3 Critical Questions To Ask During Each Interview

As members of the baby boomer generation reach their senior years, many families are finding that they need help in caring for a loved one. While family members often try to meet basic care needs for their elderly loved one, it often becomes necessary to find more supportive care options as time passes and the level of help required increases.  Assisted living placements can be a good choice to explore for patients who can no longer function safely in a home setting but are still mobile. Read More 

Assisted Living Care: Why It’s A Good Option For Older Persons

The number of older adults in the United States has been on the rise in recent years. By 2040, the number of Americans aged 65 and above will reach 80 million. Most of them can no longer care for themselves, and they need help with day-to-day tasks like cooking or cleaning. In such a case, you should consider assisted living care. The benefits of taking an older person to an assisted living community outweigh the costs. Read More 

How To Make The Transition To Senior Living Easier

If you have lived in your own house for multiple decades, the idea of moving into a senior living center might seem daunting. However, if your house has become too big for you and you can't keep up with it anymore, moving into a senior living facility may be best. You won't have any more yardwork or housework to worry about. Here are a few ways to make the transition to senior living easier. Read More 

Should You Move To A Retirement Community?

If you're getting older, you may wonder if moving to a retirement community is the right choice. While many seniors do well staying at home, others may experience better overall wellbeing by moving to a retirement community. If you aren't sure if a retirement community is right for you, keep reading. How Old Are You? The Fair Housing Act protects you from being discriminated against because of your race, gender, national origin, religion, disability, etc. Read More